A Heaven in our World for Coffee addicts

Coffee, Coffee and everywhere its coffee! Do you know that Albania is a paradise for coffee lovers? Yes, it is! If you want to savor one of the delicious coffees around the world, then Albania is your spot. The amount of time people spend in a café bar is on average two hours per coffee drink, while drinking at least two coffees per day.

Albania is the hub for cheap and tasty coffees. If you’re invited out for a coffee, then you’re not expected to pay for it. Their culture is really simple and peace-loving! They call the local café shops as “lokals”.

There are no big café giants like Starbucks and other similar ones. And even the country Albania doesn’t produce any coffee at all. Still, Albania tops the list of coffee consumers per capita in the world! That’s interesting though.

You’ll see that whenever the people sit to have a drink, coffee will be one of them. Coffee is blended with their day-to-day or even with their hourly activities. Here you can find coffee shops in every nook and corner. Each coffee cup costs just only $0.50 and that is comparatively very less with the big coffee giants. It also makes spending time at lokals a cheap and affordable form of entertainment for almost everyone in the community.

Here “going for coffee” doesn’t mean that they are asking us to have a coffee drink literally! It’s just a saying of the locals. They even mean to have a chat, just to chill-out or even to have a drink to get introduced. People from all the age groups will gather to a coffee shop and would like to spend their time leisurely.

The Albanian Coffee Tradition

The Albanian cuisine is loaded with coffee like they usually after eating will consume coffee! The day will not end for Albanians without having a sip of coffee. The coffee culture in Albania is so much awesome. Going out for coffee several times throughout the day breaks up the pace of the day and gives you time to relax and talk. This helps in building proper relationships with business people or your loved ones.

Very often the coffee times are associated with friendly day-to-day conversations and chit-chats! Unlike other countries, cafés are used as social hangout spots. Although, Albania faced a lot of hardships in their past, their people are rejoicing and rejuvenating their everyday lives with these perfect hangout spots.

Coffee for rejoicing and rejuvenating yourself

On the whole, coffee is an integral part of daily life here in Albania. It’s one of the favorite aspects of Albanian culture. Albanians spend a lot of time sitting in a coffee bar and solve their day-to-day problems by voicing their frustrations and complaining as well as rejoicing over issues of life. So, this is the way one has to work in Albania to share his business ideas by spending time for a coffee.